“To ensure that we are globally competitive and that our teaching is relevant to current trends in education. Excellent, questions carefully thought out requiring thorough understanding of content covered. Covers all aspects of mathematics and has great extension. Easy to see where you lie and how you are faring internationally. Great. I think it is a wonderful tool as a benchmark and checking on whether or not we are global in our thinking and preparation of our pupils. It certainly adds value to our curriculum.”

Auckland Park Preparatory, Gauteng, South Africa

“We use our results to inform our parents and market the school as a competitive academic institution. We are happy with the reputation of the IBT and will continue to support the initiative.”

Dainfern College, Gauteng, South Africa

“This has given clear indications how to frame our learning programme to assist the students in literacy levels, divergent thinking and problem solving skills.”

Grantleigh, Richards Bay, South Africa

“Very helpful in identifying individual strengths and weaknesses, and in tracking student progress.”

Brescia House School, Gauteng, South Africa

“To give teachers an idea of areas that needed to be concentrated on or taught in a different way to foster better learning and reinforcement. Did give us an opportunity to explore and reteach areas that are not up to the standard required or expected.”

King David Primary School Sandton, Sandton, South Africa

“We really value what you provide for us and are most appreciative of the detail we get.”

Hilton College, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

“IBT assesses the conceptual understanding of the students studying in classes 3 to 10 in the main subjects of study namely, English, Mathematics and Science. It helps to identify learning gaps at various class levels. The feedback so obtained helps teachers to modify their lesson plans. The other routine assessments conducted by teachers in schools are dominated by content and mainly assess the knowledge and recall; whereas IBT is an assessment of the learning competencies and not of the content matter of different subjects. It is suggested that almost every student should be motivated to participate in it, so that the feedback of IBT result analysis will be of greatest use for the teachers.”

Him Academy Public School, Hamirpur (HP), India

“IBT is a challenging tool to evaluate a child's status at National level. Most of the questions are thought provoking and give children a chance to deliver their potential. We insist our students take up IBT since it is setting up a yardstick.”

KRM Public School, Chennai, India

“At Indus, the written curriculum at the Primary and Middle school is designed in a way to make it relevant as well as challenging. We are confident of the strengths of our curriculum, and wish to periodically evaluate the standards and benchmarks that we have set for the students. In order to evaluate the standards, we explored many standardized tests, but we found ACER IBT to be the best diagnostic test for assessing the Science concepts which are taught at school. ACER IBT results have many merits such as comparing a student's performance with respect to the national average and international average. It also informs the school about the Science strands that are strong/challenging to our students. We highly appreciate ACER IBT as it aligns with our constructivist approach towards learning. It gives an opportunity to assess not just knowledge acquired by students but also the ability to analyse and apply science concepts. The detailed information is much appreciated by parents as well as our teachers.”

Indus International School, Bangalore, India