IBT Partnerships

The International Benchmark Tests (IBT) Partnership Program is a joint business activity between the Australian Council for Educational Research and in-country partners. This program is designed to provide schools in your country with reliable information about student achievement and their comparisons to international benchmarks. The assessments in English, Mathematics and Science have been designed to align with international curricula.

In-country partners create their own markets within their region. The partners sell the tests directly to schools and determine their own pricing model. ACER charges partners an annual license fee prior to the delivery of the assessment materials, and a small charge for each test administered upon delivery of reports. The partner retains all surplus income generated. 

The IBT allows schools to compare student progress with local, national and international benchmarks. The reports provide schools and students with detailed information about a student's strengths and weaknesses in all subject areas. The IBT Tests are skill-based, and they do not follow any single national curriculum. This allows students from all countries to be compared fairly.

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