Information for Students and Parents

Around 600 schools participate in the International Benchmark Tests (IBT) program in October and November each year. More parents are choosing to have their children sit the IBT tests in order to gain a quality international assessment of their child’s ability.

Benefits for students participating in the IBT are:

  • Individual reports for each subject which provide feedback on every question, a summary of strengths and areas for improvement, and clear information showing how the student performed compared to other students at their school and at all other schools who participate in the IBT internationally.
  • A Certificate of Achievement for each subject dependent on student performance.  The four levels of certificates are:  Honour, High Distinction, Distinction and Participation.
  • A set of comprehensive reports is prepared for each school which allows them to identify strengths and weaknesses and enables them to better target their teaching and learning activities.

More about the tests in participating countries.