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ACER is an international independent not-for-profit research organisation. A major aspect of ACER’s work is to assist educational decision makers at all levels to develop clear pictures and understanding of educational challenges, opportunities and progress over time. ACER has spent many years refining its processes for developing fair and meaningful assessment tasks that are aligned with what teachers are expected to teach and that allow all students regardless of social and economic background and gender to demonstrate what they know and can do. ACER, with this objective, offers the IBT Program to schools in India.

In India, schools have been using IBT since 2005. Schools join the IBT Program because:

  • IBT questions provide an opportunity to develop problem solving, reasoning, inferring and thinking skills in their students
  • IBT data provides rich diagnostic information on students' performance to teachers to support intervention and remedial strategies for their students
  • IBT reports the skills, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses for students in each subject area
  • schools have the opportunity to benchmark their students with students of like schools from other countries
  • schools can monitor the learning growth of their students in each subject
  • individual students are provided with well explained reports which help them identify their skills, strengths and weaknesses
  • group reports allow schools to compare student performance and identify misconceptions for their students
  • students receive certificates of achievement - Honour, High Distinction, Distinction, and Participation
  • post test, ACER offers schools a data interpreting workshop for their teachers to support understanding of data received from IBT.

School Profile

Private schools in India are associate schools for the IBT Program. A few schools following international curriculum also use IBT as a foundation assessment for their students.

Key dates

Schools can register for IBT from April to July.

Test dates for 2018:

  • Thursday 15 November 2018 - English and Science
  • Friday 16 November 2018 - Mathematics and Reasoning


IBT Brochure

2017 Registration forms


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